Finding your vision

This journey will help you reflect on ways to keep your brand coherent throughout its digital presence.

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First things first, some tips for the journey...



During 15 minutes free of interruptions.


Use pen & paper

To capture your answers.


Do it with others

As a conversation starter.

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Cut distractions. Find focus.

What does your brand have to say that’s truly relevant?

Finding your vision takes time and effort. Observe and question.

What unique value does your brand bring to a conversation?

How does your brand leave space for reflection?

Who are your brand mentors?

Your goals should always lead your actions.

Why do you seek your audience’s attention?

What does growth mean beyond numbers?

To finalize, imagine the best possible version of your brand.

How does your brand stand out from the competition?

Finding your vision

Brand Compass is a meditation tool for brands brought to you by Typeform.

Our aim is to help you become more aware of how your brand interacts with your audiences. Because lasting relationships are built through every interaction.

Great brands make interactions count and we help them to do so. No matter if you’re doing research, gathering leads or getting feedback, Typeform enables you to create better brand experiences, collect better data and, ultimately, grow your business.

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