Developing company culture

Culture is the internal manifestation of your brand. This journey will help you establish a healthy work environment that improves how people collaborate.

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First things first, some tips for the journey...



During 15 minutes free of interruptions.


Use pen & paper

To capture your answers.


Do it with others

As a conversation starter.

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Don’t be afraid to address the big topics.

What’s important to discuss in a company-wide meeting?

Understanding your weaknesses is the first step to overcoming them.

What’s difficult to admit about your culture?

How do you avoid misunderstandings in your online collaboration with other colleagues?

When was the last time you reconsidered your company values? Are they still relevant to your company culture today?

Create community. Bring people closer.

What are common ways to show appreciation for your colleagues at work?

How do you assure people that it’s okay to fail at your company?

In what ways do you make sure every single individual feels welcome and comfortable working in your company?

Culture takes a long time to build. Make sure you are going in the right direction.

What’s the one commitment you’re willing to make to improve your company’s culture?

Developing company culture

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